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Affiliate Prophet

Tracks affiliate commission without the thank you code. Tracks bid keyword & searched keyword together.

Basically Affiliate Prophet is an upgraded version of Conversion Prophet.

With Affiliate Prophet's revolutionary AIDA formula, you can immediately predict which affiliate program, which headlines, subheads, and keywords were converting best and used them to instantly build the ultimate affiliate landing page.

Tracking your visitors and sales statistics

Can almost immediately find out the interest level with only few visitors. To accurately determine the conversion rate, one has to take at least 10 to 100 actions (be it sales, opt-ins, etc), which means you need thousands of visitors, which equal advertising costs and a considerable amount of time. Click Here!

Affiliate Prophet has much more powerful keyword tracking feature and a lot more. It's also much easier to use then Conversion prophet.

Affiliate Prophet is also much cheaper because it doesn't have advanced features like Taguchi/multivariate testing and Affiliate Landing Page Creator. Affiliate Prophet is perfect for beginners and affiliate marketers while Conversion Prophet is for advanced marketers.

  • Optmizes your landing page, keywords, and your overall campaign in the quickest way possible. Bottom line: It allows you to money quickly.
  • You get 10 to 100 times faster and accurate result. That means you can start making money 10 to 100 times faster than normal!
  • Actually Pinpoints what exactly makes money even before it makes money"

A Unique Revolutionary New Marketing Tracking System That Every Internet Marketer Needs. The best way to make more money is to analyze what is already working and to make it work better.

Want to analyze your Adsense, Clickbank and affilite stats?

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