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 Designed for Pay-Per-Click and Affiliate Marketers - StatsJunky is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary desktop application that will track keyword level profit/loss, across an unlimited number of networks, securely and automatically.

StatsJunky's proprietary technology gives you the power to automatically compare affiliate campaigns in different networks, view details like impressions, clicks, rebills, and refunds, and even allows you to view your current or forecasted income in an instant.


No more logging in to each account separately. With StatsJunky taking care of the repetitive, time-consuming process of collecting and organizing your statistics... you're free to focus on what matters... making more money!


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 StatsJunky For The Stats Addict   StatsJunky will automatically download your stats from all of your affiliate programs and output them to an easy to read, at a glance format, which tells you instantly where all your money is coming from.

You'll also know what's costing you money so that you can make quick changes and focus only on?those profitable programs. Download StatsJunky


StatsJunky Groups For The Obsessive Compulsive StatsJunky With SJ Groups you can easily organize (or group) your affiliate programs by categories such as: Exit Consoles, AdWords, Offline Campaigns, Companies, etc. This efficient function let's you analyze your stats in a way that makes the most sense for you and allows you to determine your ROI almost instantly.

Not only is StatsJunky powerful enough to optimize your online business - it is also incredibly easy to use. You'll be adding your affiliate programs in mere minutes - and you'll start seeing your stats just seconds later. Download StatsJunky