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Affiliate Link Cloaker is a program created to help stop rip offs from occurring. Oftenaffiliate link hijacking and affiliate link bypassing results from users knowingly or unknowingly bypassing your link and you not getting credit for the sale resulting in a loss of commissions. This can be sizeable. The adage, "Prevent on better than cure" applies to Clickbank Links as well as other commissions links. Affiliate Link Cloaker was designed to hide affiliate links.

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Below is the free link cloaker content from

Free is a bit more complicated then the alternative. But check this out.

How Can I Do A Link Cloaker For Free?

Follow these few exact steps:

  1. Get the "Model Page" code in the box below. The easiest way to do that is to put the cursor in the box, then type Ctrl-A (to select all) and then Ctrl-C to copy it all to the clipboard.
  2. Paste the code into your own page to create the basic page. Once this is done all you need to do is to change the title and the URL.
  3. Change "--TITLE'--" to whatever title you want.
  4. Go to or
  5. Use either of these two pages to  translate the URL you want to cloak from "normal" characters to HTML Unicode. (For example, you can type "" in the top and get the cloaked characters at the bottom.
  6. Put this cloaked URL in place of --URL-- on your page.
  7. Viola. You are done. You have created a cloaked page.


Model Page