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Free Javascripts - Webmaster Scripts

Many useful scripts and snippets of code come free of charge that you can use on your website - you just need to know where to look!

The following sites represent some of the more popular places online to find scripts that you can use to jazz up your site - Offers a number of interesting javascripts you can use to do anything from display progress bars to games and page navigation.

Use the navigation on the left side to browse the main categories of scripts. - JavaScript Offers a wide selection of various javascripts, php, cgi, flash and other scripts, most of which you can use free of charge or for a token fee.

The site takes a little digging, but chances are good if you want to find a script for a specific task. - some staple scripts here you should check into. - a large number of scripts that are generously given away. - a few good scripts here. - a whole course on javascript and the cool things it can do and has some good javascripts to look at. - When all esle fails, search Google for the script you need.

For example, "countdown javascript" yields some interesting scripts you can put on your website to display a live countdown to future date and time (great for product launches). - If you can't find the script you need or need a tweak to an existing script so it does exactly what you want.

Custom script work at gets experienced coders from all over the world bid on your job.

Most simple script jobs can cost less than $50, with many under $20 for a simple tweak or minor alteration.

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Popular Scripts

Date On Page Script - inline script

Copyright Script - inline script

No "Right Click" Script - place in header (basically only works on IE)

Redirect Page Script - place in header

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