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Semiologic is the closest thing to a WordPress installation content management system . Semiologic is not for the beginning WordPress user and after looking over Semiologic you will be impressed with the theme installation features.

Here are some of the features.

    • Learn how to use WordPress for internet marketing
    • Non-geek-speak, easy-to-follow videos section
    • The front page has a non-standard behavior; it will display the page with a slug of “home”, and if none is available it will display the last posts in the category with a slug of “blog”
    • The sidebar displays the latest in categories with a slug of “news” and “blog” separately when these are available, plus the latest comments grouped by posts
    • Posts in the category with slug “highlights” are highlighted in red when they are displayed in lists
    • The smart blog collection features a set of plugins that effectively add an artificial intelligence module to your WordPress installation.
    • The header and footer navigation menus are automatically updated to reflect your having pages with a slug of “solutions”, “products”, “services”, “resources”, “downloads”, “legal”, “about” and “contact”
    • Categories and search results display an unlimited number of post/page titles
    • Search results are sort by name rather than by date
    • You can easily customize all this by editing a few arrays in the plugin code; their names are hopefully self-documenting

Browse the Semiologic website .


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