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By now I am sure you've heard the
buzz about Web 2.0 marketing.

If you have been doing submissions
to places like Digg, Netscape,
ShoutWire and the like, you know
how time consuming it can be. If
you aren't, you're leaving a lot
of targeted traffic and links on
the floor!

 Web2Submitter: Syndicate Your Content In Seconds!

The same guys who wrote Authority
Black Book, downloaded over 20,000
times since it came online less
than 2 months ago, have come up
with a tool that drastically
reduces the amount of time it
takes to do Web 2.0 promotion.

I highly recommend you check it
out. This thing is saving me lots
of time to do other link building
and marketing I was skimping on

And you won't believe what they
are including with this software –
THAT you have to see to believe.
It's amazing!

You can see a demo here


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